GIGABYTE GSM Program Offers Steady Supply Of Motherboards

Motherboard management is often a pain point for IT departments, system integrators, and VARs (value-added resellers). Companies requiring a long-term stable supply of motherboards can expend an abundance of resources on life cycle management tasks. For these companies, whether they are large organizations or small to midsize businesses, GIGABYTE’s GSM (GIGABYTE Stable Models) program guarantees two years of stable motherboard supply.

What The Program Does

In addition to a minimum 2-year production and supply, customers entering into the GSM program receive cross-shipping service (your replacement is sent before the item is received) with no minimum orders. Plus, by keeping tabs on their email inbox, partners in the GSM program will receive a notice whenever there is a product change or BIOS update in order to ensure continued compatibility and stability.

GIGABYTE guarantees that its GSM products have a life span that’s longer than other models, and many motherboards are available for more than one year. GIGABYTE’s B150N-GSM, for instance, is a reliable, cost-efficient motherboard with life cycle longevity that extends past 2018 as part of the GSM program. The B150N-GSM is WHQL certified, supports BIOS customization, and comes with a 3-year warranty, a dedicated sales and support representative, and advanced replacement service.

To ensure that its customers know what to expect in advance about any of the motherboards in the program, GIGABYTE provides all of the updated data and information online at, including a Product Roadmap (which documents release dates and additional information for each motherboard), current promotions, and product change notification updates.

Overall Benefits

GIGABYTE provides a three-year warranty for all of the motherboards in the GSM program. All products have passed WHQL testing and are certified for Windows. GIGABYTE assigns each customer a dedicated sales representative to ensure the best service possible. The company also offers dedicated technical support and service, a phone hotline for immediate service (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time), and BIOS customization support. Registering for the GSM program is easy. Call the phone number or visit the website below for further details.



  • Extends product life cycles
  • In conjunction with Intel Technology Provider Program
  • Ideal for system integrators and VARs
  • Includes a wide range of options for business and industrial users

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