ContainerX Launches World’s First Windows Container-as-a-Service Platform

ContainerX, a Silicon Valley startup created by former employees of Micrcosoft, VMware, and Citrix, has officially launched what it calls the world’s first Windows CaaS, or Container-as-a-Service, platform. The new platform gives data centers and enterprise IT managers a container infrastructure that supports Windows server applications, including .NET and Azure.

The new platform is based on technology the company calls Elastic Container Clusters, for which the company has patents pending. The Elastic Container Clusters give companies the ability to automatically scale Container Pools based on available compute resources and management priorities. With the ContainerX platform, companies can see and manage their entire infrastructure, including apps running in VM, Linux, public and private Cloud, and now Windows, all from one console. The company says its platform provides “simple day-zero setup” and protects against crashes caused by rogue containers.

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