Why does Apple’s App shop use ‘Get’ at no cost apps?

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Paul A. writes in with an App store question:

i’m a little confused by way of the terms used by the App keep while deciding to download and buy an app. what is the difference between “open” and “get”?

Apple used to tag apps that value nothing to download as loose, even as it displayed the charge for all others. however, it modified this label from unfastened to Get in November 2014, probable because of settlements in 2013 and 2014 associated with in-app purchases. loose-to-download apps could have in-app purchases, which muddied the water, although Apple notes underneath the Get button if the app has such purchases. “Get” isn’t the great term—Paul isn’t the best one that scratched his head approximately it—but it’s extra accurate than “free.”

tap Get and the label adjustments to put in; faucet that, and the app is marked on your account as something to procure, in spite of no longer paying a cent to download it. tap the price on a paid app, and it changes to buy; tap that, and the transaction completes (often with the brought necessity of entering your account password) and it’s also now to your account as a buy.

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You’ll see a cloud icon with a downward-pointing arrow in case you’ve bought or downloaded the app already and it’s now not established on the tool you’re the usage of; if it’s established, the label reads Open, and tapping it simply opens the app to your device.

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