Griffin BreakSafe Breakaway power Cable evaluation: A MagSafe-like energy plug for Apple’s MacBook

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As I sat on my sofa writing the evaluate of Apple’s new MacBook, my dog determined he desired to take a seat next to me. To make his manner to the sofa, he did a quick soar over my extended legs and he just took place to trap the MacBook’s energy cable. His bounce gave the cable a yank, and i quick grabbed the computer, preventing it from flying out of my palms.

i was lucky, spared from the MacBook crashing on the ground and any possible harm to the computer. The incident became a reminder of the cleverness of Apple’s MagSafe connector on its MacBook Air and MacBook seasoned laptops. USB-C can be a versatile connector, but it’s now not a breakaway connector.

happily, there’s Griffin’s BreakSafe Breakaway energy Cable ($39.ninety nine MSRP and available on Amazon). It brings breakaway strength cable connectivity to the MacBook and it may shop your pc from a mishap.

Don’t name it MagSafe
The MagSafe moniker and patent belong to Apple, so we’re now not intended to call Griffin’s cable a MagSafe connector. Griffin’s product is a “BreakSafe” cable; it has a magnetic connector in addition to a 0.five-inch adapter that suits into the MacBook’s USB-C port.

Plug the adapter into the MacBook, after which connect the magnetic quit of the cable into the adapter. The magnetic stop suits in most effective one direction; if you switch it upside-down, you’ll sense magnetic resistance and also you received’t be capable of connect the cable. the bottom of the cable connector and the adapter are marked with dashes to offer you a visual cue.

Now, in MagSafe-like fashion, if the cable gets a terrific tug, the magnetic connector breaks far from the adapter plugged into the MacBook. potential disaster avoided. Whew.

What it’s far and what’s not protected
The cable is for power simplest. it is able to’t be used to hook up with, say, a difficult force or show. So the BreakSafe gained’t absolutely update the USB-C cable that came together with your MacBook. In some instances, you can need to carry both cables. Of direction, you may usually revert back to using the USB-C cable for charging if you really want to keep the quantity of cables you deliver to a minimum.

Griffin’s cable is black, while Apple’s charger and USB-C cable are white. maybe that’ll malicious program folks who need their cables and chargers to healthy. The black cable is sincerely a short way to parent the BreakSafe cable from Apple’s white USB-C cable.

The BreakSafe does not include a charger. it really works with the charger than came together with your MacBook. No massive deal, in reality. just a point to make clear.

bottom line
There are only a few times wherein I say you simply want to shop for a particular product. that is one of these instances. if you very own a MacBook or plan to buy one, buy Griffin’s BreakSafe Breakaway electricity Cable. It brings lower back a miles favored feature of past Apple laptops, one that might store your investment.