Ask the iTunes guy: missing apps, having access to your desire list, and duplicate playlists

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iTunes evolves over time, and on occasion there are appropriate motives why features don’t seem to work as they ought to. in this week’s column, I speak why apps do not switch from iOS gadgets, and how to get them back. yet a few adjustments are inexplicable, consisting of one affecting an iTunes shop menu; I provide an explanation for a workaround for this modification. subsequently, I study a trouble with duplicating playlists, and provide a probable fix.

missing apps
Q: All my apps have disappeared from my iTunes library. iTunes also refuses to allow me transfer the apps from my iPhone or iPad. The switch Purchases menu command is seen after I proper-click on my iPhone, however not anything honestly occurs. How can i get them back?

since iOS nine.2, you can now not transfer apps from iOS gadgets returned to iTunes. that is due to the fact apps now comprise handiest the belongings wished for the particular tool they copy to. for example, you don’t want big pix for an iPad on an iPhone SE; this saves space to your gadgets.

if you want to get the apps lower back on your iTunes library, you’ll want to re-download them. this may take pretty a while in case you had plenty of apps. To try this, you need to go to your iTunes keep account. go to any important save web page (music, movies, Apps, and so forth.) and click bought beneath the fast hyperlinks section in the sidebar. click Apps near the top of the window, and either click the cloud links on the top right corners of the app icons, or, if you want, click the down load All button at the lowest right of the iTunes window. in case you do the latter, you may become downloading a whole lot of apps you no longer use.

download individual apps from your purchased listing with the aid of clicking the clouds on their icons.
when you have quite a few apps, you will want to be patient, as it could take a long term for them to down load; this relies upon on your bandwidth, of path. if you do click on download All, you would possibly want to try this in a single day.

Truncated menu
Q: I used in an effort to get to my wish list and bought list by using clicking my name in the iTunes toolbar, but the ones alternatives are not within the menu that presentations. Any concept why not?

In my reply to the question above, I referred to every other way to get entry to the bought listing, because of this difficulty. The iTunes toolbar displays a spherical head-and-shoulders icon and your call whilst you’re signed into the iTunes keep. If the window isn’t wide enough, it can most effective show the icon. if you click that icon, a menu displays with some save-associated alternatives. This menu used to show want listing and bought hyperlinks, however it would not any greater, in some instances.

this variation regarded inside the iTunes 12.three.3 update last month. It turns out that, for some motive, if you do not have show Apple music checked in iTunes’ fashionable choices, positive menu objects don’t show when you click that a part of the toolbar.

itunes keep menu with with out 100658179 orig
on the left, the iTunes store menu as it appears on my MacBook, which makes use of Apple tune. on the proper, the identical menu on my iMac, in which Apple tune is turned off.
My wager is that that is just a malicious program. whilst Apple song is grew to become off, the first two menu items—choose Artists for You and Following—shouldn’t display, but perhaps Apple’s builders made a small mistake, hiding menu gadgets that should display. curiously, the person that contacted me about this advised me that Apple guide claimed this become the predicted conduct. we’re going to see inside the next iTunes replace.

reproduction playlists
Q: seemingly every time I upload extra songs to my iPhone playlist, iTunes generates a reproduction of the playlist. I currently have playlists named Playlist 1, Playlist 2, Playlist 3, all of the manner as much as forty three. they may be not exactly the same, even though; the various songs I add get brought to the duplicates, however now not all of them. I’ve attempted deleting them all but they come returned. are you able to assist?

this is, alas, a fairly not unusual trouble with Apple’s track cloud. in case you use iCloud music Library or iTunes fit, you could see this happening. The simplest workaround i’ve located is to delete the playlist, anticipate your track to sync to all of your other devices, then re-upload the playlist.

To save time, and not should manually recreate the playlist, you may export it from iTunes, then re-import it. To do that, choose the playlist, select record > Library > Export Playlist, and pick XML format. store the record, then delete the playlist in iTunes.

Wait a while until you spot that the playlist is no longer on your different devices, then import the document to iTunes by means of deciding on report > Library > Import Playlist and choosing the record. iTunes will recreate the playlist because it was, so long as all of the tracks are nonetheless for your library. notice that this even works for smart playlists. The file you export for a clever playlist contains the playlist’s situations, so when you re-import it, you may have exactly the same smart playlist.