Android might be at the manner to the Raspberry Pi

Android may simply be coming to the Raspberry Pi.

evidence for the improvement may be determined right here inside the currently-created android/device/pifoundation/rpi3 directory at

it’s an empty tree and has been considering the fact that its introduction on April 19th, 2016 by using a person called Thomas Joseph Avila who has a email cope with.

Google’s open supply Android challenge already has code for Intel’s Edison, Arduino-powered accessories or even TI’s Panda single-board computer systems. Taking a slice of Pi is consequently not an outlandish flow.

there may be no signal that paintings is in development or of a timeline having been set for Android-on-Pi’s finishing touch.

If and when it’s achieved, it is going to be an intriguing offer. Android of route has a huge series of apps and is instead greater acquainted to many humans than Raspbian and perhaps greater approachable than even the NOOBS OS installer,

The check in suspects Google and the Raspberry Pi foundation might no longer might now not mind if Android on Pi offers more humans a purpose to accumulate the machine. Or is Google as a substitute looking to make Android a greater viable goal for the customised business Pis the foundation is pitching as an internet of things thing? ®