Microsoft won’t backpedal from windows 10 nagware ‘trick’

Microsoft is harm and disillusioned that humans would suppose it was looking to “trick” them with a confusing windows 10 improve conversation that scheduled an improve without users explicitly agreeing to do so.

Redmond these days created a brand new home windows 10 nagware reminder that offered a conversation asking you to install the OS. however if customers clicked the purple “X” to close the conversation – wellknown behaviour for dispelling a dialog with out agreeing to do something – Microsoft took that as permission for the improve.

Redmond (via its flacks) has e-mailed The sign in – and, we presume, international+canine – to say that the UI had labored like that for a long time: “the UI of our ‘your upgrade is scheduled’ notification is nothing new (including the potential to simply ‘X-out’ of the notification and not using a further movement needed to schedule your improve) – it’s been part of the notification UI for months” (their emphasis, now not ours).

on this expertise Base article, Microsoft notes that “based totally on client feedback, inside the most current version of the Get windows 10 (GWX) app, we confirm the time of your scheduled improve and offer you an additional possibility for cancelling or rescheduling the upgrade.”

+comment: you’ll have noticed that Microsoft failed to say it’d re-write the app so that closing the app is taken as a “no”, as takes place for pretty much each other conversation windows gives.

Or is Redmond saying users who did not just like the UI sleight-of-hand are at fault for delving into its know-how Base each time they discover a conversation perplexing? we’d anticipate commenters to have an opinion in this … ®