Web design role in acquiring and retaining customers

Web design role in acquiring new customers and retaining customersWeb design role in acquiring new customers and retaining customers

You’ve seen websites you love, and websites you hate, but have you ever stopped to think about what makes a site seem great? Most consumers who use the internet have learned to skim websites quickly, in search of relevant information. Users who have become accustomed to having everything they want right in the palm of their hand have been trained by modern technology to shun sites that are slow, ugly, or outdated. So, the web design role in acquiring and retaining customers has become all the more crucial in the shaping of a online business.

For entrepreneurs and other business owners, having the best website you can afford is a simple way to ensure that new and returning customers will want to spend their money on your product. Read on for a few simple ideas to help you turn your mundane site into a fabulous one.

Make it Fast

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, speed is of the essence. Consumers want what they want when they want it, which is usually right now. In order to keep people on your site long enough to learn about your product or service, you need to make sure your webpage loads as quickly as possible. Studies show that most users will be patient for roughly three seconds, so if your page takes four seconds or longer to load, they will click away from it and visit a competitor instead. For best results, keep your home page simple so that it loads in one second or less.

Make it Blue, Black or Green

Color schemes are capable of making a heavy impact on users’ perception of your website. In fact, the psychology of color is very important when it comes to marketing. Certain colors attract people, while others turn them away. For most men and women, the color blue instills confidence and summons feelings of order and security. Black gives an impression of luxury or desirability, so is best used for fashion, jewelry, or expensive automobiles. When used sparingly, green makes people think about nature and affordability, and is a good color to use for a call to action.

Make it Easy to Read

The layout of your webpage helps determine how easy it is to look at. Most people find that headers and menus across the top of the page, or down the left side, are easiest to read. Important information should be easy to find, and sites with many pages should include a search bar. Lists with bullet points are convenient for skimming, so that users can gather pertinent facts without sifting through paragraphs of details.

Make it Trustworthy

If your website builder designs your page in a style that appears familiar to most consumers, they will be more likely to trust your company and purchase your goods. Sites that appear homemade are less likely to inspire trust, so hiring a professional to create your site is a worthy investment. Other ways to inspire trust include adding links to media coverage and displaying logos of recognizable clients.

Creating a website that loads quickly, is straightforward, and inspires trust can be simple when you have the basic rules listed above in place. By pleasing your customers from the first glance all the way through the contact form or checkout process, you can earn their business now and in the future.

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