Certificate Course in Computer examination from November 25

The GU has announced that the examination will be conducted for 900 studentsdaily and hence, it plans to accommodate around 2,700 government employees. The CCC examination is compulsory for the government employees for promotion and even for getting higher grade.


Earlier, it was only the Gujarat Technological University which was conducting the examination. Also, the examination for the CCC plus was being conducted by Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration.


The government, realizing that the number of employees who were to appear for the examination had increased to 1.5 lakh, has decided that four other universities in the state apart from the GTU will be conducting the CCC.
The GU officials said that the examination was especially for those employees who had earlier registered and had failed to appear for the examination. The GU now wants these students to appear for the examination without paying their registration fees. The GU has made it clear that those who fail to appear in November will not be given any more chance and even their fee will not be refunded.

[Source:-The Times Of India]