Use keyboard shortcuts to better navigate iTunes 12.4

itunes keyboard

Apple released iTunes 12.four, changing some of interface factors customers had turn out to be familiar with for navigating their iTunes libraries. There are fewer buttons, and the interface is less cluttered (as a minimum that’s my opinion) but some users are lamenting the lack of a number of those buttons and menus which allowed them to move round iTunes with only a few clicks.

It’s proper that, for a few features, you presently want to click a bit greater. for instance, there was formerly a row of icons near the top left of the iTunes window. these icons permit you to alternate media libraries, going from song to movies, or tv shows to Audiobooks. however now, there’s a menu that Apple calls the Media Picker; you want to click that menu to pick out a media library.

virtually, there’s another, quicker way to replace media libraries. you could try this from the keyboard. And there are masses of different keyboard shortcuts you may use in iTunes to keep time. right here’s on assessment of the maximum beneficial ones.

exchange media libraries
in addition to the use of the Media Picker, you could additionally get right of entry to media libraries from the View menu. pick View > Media kind, and also you’ll see a sub-menu with all the libraries.

media type
This menu suggests you keyboard shortcuts for switching media libraries.
to switch on your tune library, press Command-1. to your podcasts, it’s Command-4. and so on. keep in mind those shortcuts, and also you’ll save loads of time.

Create new playlists
There used to be buttons at the lowest left of the iTunes window, which you could click to create playlists and playlist folders. They’re long past now. you can proper-click within the sidebar and display a contextual menu which offers those options, but handiest at particular places: on the header that announces song Playlists or All Playlists, or underneath the playlists. if you have quite a few playlists, you need to scroll to the lowest of the listing, and the goal is quite small.

Use the keyboard. As you could see inside the file > New menu, there are shortcuts for brand spanking new Playlist, Playlist from selection, smart Playlist, however no longer Playlist Folder.

you can create playlists from this menu, or via using the keyboard shortcuts you see here.
you could use keyboard shortcuts to create new playlists, and you could even installation your very own shortcut the usage of this approach in case you create playlist folders often.

cross lower back and pass forward
iTunes 12.4 has returned and ahead buttons, much like the ones you locate in a web browser. you can use those to transport round iTunes. as an instance, if you’re in your tune library and then you definately visit the iTunes shop to look for new album through your favored band, you may want to move back to check what’s to your library. you could click the lower back button, have a look at the band’s music, then click the forward button to move the the iTunes shop once more.

however you don’t need to use those buttons. you may press Command-[ to go back, and Command-] to go forward.

rate songs
It takes a few clicks to price songs in iTunes. you have to select a track and right click, or click on the “…” button next to a song, then select score, after which select a star rating. (In Songs or Albums views, you can hover your cursor over a song and click one of 5 dots that shows.)

however you can also do that from the keyboard. whilst there are a few 0.33-party iTunes controllers that provide this selection, you can set up keyboard shortcuts in gadget possibilities that use the ★ characters in the rating menu. See this newsletter to find out a way to do that.

Create your very own shortcuts to rate your music from the keyboard.
you may set scores from None to ★★★★★ from the keyboard with this method.

extra controls
There are other controls you can get admission to from the keyboard.

Press the spacebar to play and pause your song and films.
Command-up-arrow and Command-down-arrow turns the quantity up and down.
Command-proper-arrow is going to the subsequent tune in an album or playlist, and Command-left-arrow goes to the preceding track. note that if you’re further into a tune than some seconds, Command-left-arrow takes you to the beginning of the song; press it once more to visit the preceding music.
Command-period stops something is playing and clears the iTunes lcd.
Command-L is going to the currently playing track. (My favored iTunes shortcut.)
in case you’re now not used to the usage of keyboard shortcuts with iTunes, make the effort to research a number of those. It’s faster and less complicated to get around the app and control it from the keyboard.