Treyarch leader says call of obligation can be an Olympic sport

Treyarch chief says Call of Duty could be an Olympic sport / GameZone

The director of logo development at Treyarch has large aspirations for name of duty, so much so that he believes call of responsibility could in the future become an Olympic recreation.

As eSports keeps to gain an increasing number of exposure the world over, a few game enthusiasts’ goals of having it displayed on the largest carrying level of them all, may simply spread in front in their very eyes. well, maybe.

speaking to The every day big name the aforementioned director, Jay Puryear stated: “there may be lots of chat right now approximately how we will get [Call of Duty] into the Olympics.”

a lot of you is probably questioning right now… ‘How wouldn’t it paintings? How may want to this emerge as a spectacle that would attract interest?’

“Will name of obligation start out on the Olympics? I’m no longer certain. greater immediately I should truly see an all-megastar crew from the States going up towards an all-start team from Europe.”

whether or not you agree with the dude or not, there does seems to be an increasing interest in eSports, and with increasingly insurance, with a view to probably grow.

ESPN – for instance – picked up eSports in January of this year through a new vertical, which left many gamers wondering whether or not it’d be the first step in business enterprise’s taking the game critically.

additionally, considering the massive fulfillment of gaming streaming structures including Twitch, there is now a community invested in the paintings of other gamers, gambling games like call of responsibility – a fan base for the sport.

Treyarch chief says name of obligation could be an Olympic sport / photo credit:

Puryear appears confident that with the proper next steps, there will be Olympic medals up for grabs. He persevered: “I assume the decision of duty world League is in a definitely strong role proper now.”

“it is up to the league to certainly sell these players as far as their personalities are concerned, as well as the enterprises if we are to push it on. it is just like the MLS pushing David Beckham, or Steven Gerrard.

“The difference even though with eSports is that numerous the lovers feel they know these men and as we circulate those events throughout the globe, the greater humans will want to come back and spot them play. So is the Olympics dream sensible? I think sooner or later [in the future] yes.”

So, do you agree? Do you watched that call of obligation players will be quickscoping their manner to Olympic glory in years to come? allow us to recognise your mind in the comments segment beneath.