Bulletstorm developer working on two new titles

people can fly

The developers of Bulletstorm, Polish ‘people Can Fly’, are running one two new unbiased titles, one AAA shooter with a purpose to be introduced in 2017 and one smaller title so that it will be revealed later this 12 months.

a few years in the past, human beings Can Fly became sold with the aid of Epic games and renamed to Epic video games Poland but now with their independence and vintage name again they are working on two new games, one massive AAA shooter and one smaller identify. this can be studios first unbiased projects seeing that Bulletstorm, which changed into launched lower back in 2011.

The unnamed AAA shooter may be found out someday in 2017, but it already has a publisher. humans Can Fly have now not found out who the writer is, probably due to the fact they don’t need human beings to parent out what their new sport might be. although the CEO of human beings Can Fly, Sebastian Wojciechowski, informed Gamepressure that having a writer at such an early level of the game is a “testomony to our vast experience” and that this enjoy will be seen in the sport.

“We’ve been operating on it seeing that the start of the 12 months. earlier than that, we were polishing the concept. So for any details you may want to wait till subsequent 12 months.
I assure you that the mere reality of obtaining a writer at such an early degree is a testament to our massive enjoy. And that’s what we’re using inside the improvement of the sport.”

this is all all we know about humans Can Fly’s new sport, there is no gameplay, no screenshots, no idea art, no nothing. searching on the studios previous work, Bulletstorm and Painkiller, we can assume a chaotic and movement packed shooter recreation with a purpose to arrive in 2017.

the alternative smaller identify so that you can be revealed sometime later this year, 2016, is also shrouded in mystery, even much less is realize about that identify, not even what genre has been discovered.