Thane Malayalees come together to make train commute better

Members of the Malayalee community in Thane and adjoining areas have started a campaign to get Kerala-bound passengers aware of their commuting rights and if need be make a splash on various social media about the shortcomings on the railways’ part.

Hundreds of volunteers of the All-Thane Malayalee Association’s Yatra Samiti would be handing out almost 10,000 pamphlets to passengers on the LTT-Kochuveli Superfat Express, the Ltt-Thiruvananthapuram Netravati Expresss and the LTT-Ernakulam Duronto Express.

“These are safe journey, pleasant journey hand bills that have instructions on them on how to ensure that the train is clean and the railway staff, including ticket-checkers are receptive to complaints,” said Sashikumar Nair of the ATMA Yatra Samiti.

Among the requests the handbills make from the passenger is to ensure complaints of dirty trains, and penal crimes like thefts, be properly registered with the ticket-checkers as well as train attendance staff and copies of the written complaint obtained and preserved for future action.

Another instruction is to highlight discrepancies and lack of amenities from the railways like lack of water or dirty toilets on social media as well as print and television media. Officials of the Samiti told dna that with the railway minister as well as the railway bureaucracy very active on Twitter and the right use of social media would attract immediate action from the railways.

“If all passengers in a train, instead of behaving like idle onlookers, come together and help each other, everyone’s travel experience would be improved. The tone of the handbill is that all those who travel on proper tickets are bonafide passengers and customers of the railways. The passenger has every right to avail all the facilities that the railway promises its ticket-buying passengers,” said Nair.



[source :-dnaindia]