Social media shaming gone wrong: Viral ‘drunk Delhi cop’ says he had suffered stroke

Remember the policeman who was reportedly caught drunk in the Delhi metro? The video was widely shared last year, but the cop has now appealed to the Supreme Court to get the video pulled down, saying he had actually survived a stroke and was on medication having suffered from partial paralysis.

50-year-old constable PK Salim had faced an inquiry, was suspended and became a joke thanks to the viral video. He now wants compensation for the indignities heaped on him, according to a Daily Mail report. He also wants the Delhi govt, police chief, metro rail corporation and Press Council to ensure they take steps to ‘regain his lost dignity’ by publishing the truth in the media.

Salim was reportedly once a security team member of former Home Minister P Chidambaram and Sheila Dixit, but suffered a major stroke three years ago. He says he suffered occasional seizures and was shifted to a desk job following the illness.

On the day the video was taken, he says he suffered a blackout and felt dizzy after boarding the metro and fell down. However, the entire episode was uploaded on YouTube, and the erstwhile Delhi Chief BS Bassi suspended him and demanded an explanation for his conduct. Later, his suspension was withdrawn and he was reinstated in the force on November 5, 2015. Verification of his medical records had reportedly corroborated Salim’s claims that he was not drunk on board the metro on August 19, 2015.

His lawyer Wills Matthew was quoted saying that when Salim received a clean chit from a departmental enquiry, it did not make any news, and that “in the eyes of the general public, the petitioner was drunk in the metro and he is still under suspension”.

“..The petitioner himself is half paralysed, with serious economic, health, emotional, and physical disabilities, who has to take care of his wife who had a serious heart attack after this incident along with the aged father of the petitioner who is paralysed for the last more than 5 years,” his lawyer said.

In an age of social media shaming, the episode makes a case for not indulging in snap judgments. So it may be wise to pause and verify, before you hit ‘share’ on the next viral video doing the rounds.


[source :-dnaindia]