Sensaphone Upgrading Its IMS-4000 Remote Monitoring System

Sensaphone is introducing an upgraded version of its IMS-4000 remote monitoring system for affordable 24/7 monitoring of data centers across multiple locations.

The new system has several updates, including a web-based responsive user interface with a custom dashboard for more easily managing large networks. New video capabilities work with many different camera brands and capture snapshots during alarm events. If there’s a potential problem, the system sends alerts through Ethernet and telephone connections.

IMS-4000 monitors both the data center environment and network devices with IP addresses such as network links, routers, printers, and servers. Each host can support up to eight environmental sensors for monitoring conditions such as temperature, humidity, smoke, sound level, motion, water leaks, intrusion, and power outages. You can connect up to 31 expansion nodes to each base unit, and each IMS-4000 system can monitor up to 64 network devices per host or node.

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