More Than 200 Supermicro Building Block Solutions Work With Intel’s Newest Xeon Processor

Intel recently launched its Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family, and Supermicro has more than 200 of its Building Block Solutions that can use the processors. The processor support runs across Supermicro’s product lineup, with systems offering up to 44 cores and 3TB of 2,400MHz DDR4 memory.

Here’s a quick look:

SuperServers. 1U/2U NVMe Ultra, 1U/2U TwinPro/TwinPro2, 4U FatTwin, 3U MicroCloud, 1U/2U DCO, 1U/2U/4U/tower Intel Xeon Phi

SuperStorage. Simple Double NVMe-2U Simply Double 48x 2.5-inch NVMe/SAS3 hot-swap SSD/HDD, 24x 3.5-inch SAS3 hot-swap HDD, 4U 60x 3.5-inch top-load hot-swap HDD/NVMe SSD Storage Server, 4U Double-Sided Storage

SuperBlade. TwinBlade, NVMe Blade, Storage Blade, Intel Xeon Phi Blade

MicroBlade. 3U/6U 14/28-blade MicroBlade

SuperWorkstations. Compact DP, High-End DP, Intel Xeon Phi Optimized

DP/UP motherboards. WIO, Twin, Channel Ready, DCO, Workstation, Intel Xeon Phi-optimized

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