Nintendo Releases Arms Version 2.0 Update: Hedlok Scramble Game Mode, New Playable Character Max Brass, And More

Nintendo has officially rolled out an update to Arms late Tuesday, July 11, which brings the title up to version 2.0.0. Alongside a few stability and bug fixes, the update brings several new additions, including making Max Brass into a playable character.

Arms 2.0.0 Update: Play As Max Brass

Max Brass, for those who don’t know, is the chairman of the ARMS association, in addition to being the final boss in the game’s arcade mode. Beginning with version 2.0.0, players may finally choose him to spar with opponents.

Moreover, players may also choose to play on his Sky Arena stage, which features a square layout and an elevated platform at the center, slightly akin to a typical boxing ring. The stage doesn’t feature any obstacles, which is good news for players looking for some competitive esports action.

Sky Arena replaces Snake Park in ranked mode, a stage players haven’t particularly expressed admiration for. Snake Park, however, will remain in the game’s other modes.

Arms 2.0.0 Update: Hedlok Scramble

The newest update for Arms also brings Hedlok Scramble, a game which lets players duke it out as capsules with a special Hedlok mask fly around the arena. Punching one enables the player to turn into Hedlok, a beefy, multi-armed fighter who has served as the game’s ultimate fighter.

Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki confirms that Hedlok Scramble will be available in online mode and every multiplayer mode the game offers, in addition to one vs. one modes.

Arms 2.0.0 Update: Balance Tweaks

Yabuki also hinted at the update’s balance tweaks, giving a general idea of what he and his team hopes to do with it. Essentially, balance tweaks ensure that when a particular character gets improved or is nerfed, no other character will be any less good that they already are — that on some level, all characters still have parity despite others receiving updated stats or something along those lines.

Head over to Nintendo Versus’s Twitter post to get a full changelog, which is a pretty lengthy list. The points mentioned above, however, pretty much explain the most significant changes.

How To Update ‘Arms’ To Version 2.0.0

Arms version 2.0.0 is available now as a free download. Players must be connected to the internet to get the update. Once connected, the update will download and install automatically. Keep in mind, however, the once updated, you’ll no longer be able to participate in local or LAN play with users who still have the earlier version of Arms.

Arms is available now for the Nintendo Switch.