Apple Falls Into Panic Mode As Software Problems Plague iPhone 8: Wireless Charging, 3D Face Scanning In Trouble

Apple has reportedly fallen into panic mode as software issues have plagued the highly anticipated iPhone 8, with the smartphone’s planned announcement date drawing near.

Previous reports claimed that the iPhone 8 could be delayed due to problems with embedding the Touch ID into the smartphone’s display. However, it seems that Apple’s troubles with the device go further beyond what to do with the fingerprint scanner.

Apple In Panic Due To iPhone 8 Software

According to a report by Fast Company, a source said that there was “a sense of panic in the air” among iPhone engineers and designers last month as they worked to solve the software problems of the premium iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8, expected to be announced in a September press event, is rumored to come with a slew of new features that have never been seen in previous iPhones. Apparently, this has caused several issues, endangering the launch of the device.

One of the features in trouble is wireless charging. The components of the feature for the iPhone 8, which Fast Company’s source claims will use the Qi wireless charging standard, are actually ready. The problem is with the smartphone’s software, and if the issue is not solved by the time that the iPhone 8 is released, Apple may be forced to launch the smartphone with wireless charging hardware that will be enabled at a later date.

The delay of the launch of wireless charging for the iPhone 8 was previously hinted by John Gruber, a long-time Apple watcher. Gruber tweeted that either inductive charging will be sold separately or will be delayed in activation to iOS 11.1.

The other feature presenting headache to Apple is the new 3D sensor that will power a face scanning security system. Similar to the wireless charging feature, it is not the hardware that is the problem, but rather the software to make it work as it should.

There have been conflicting reports on whether the 3D face scanning technology will be included in the iPhone 8, and whether it will bump out the Touch ID. The concerns of facial recognition technology replacing the Touch ID in the iPhone is another matter altogether, but Fast Company’s source claims that the Touch ID will still be present in the iPhone 8, likely embedded under the smartphone’s screen.

Will The iPhone 8 Be Delayed?

There have been various reports on the possibility of the iPhone 8 being delayed, with various reasons including supply problems and issues with embedding the Touch ID into the display. Software problems have now apparently been added to Apple’s list of troubles for the iPhone 8.

It is unlikely that the actual launch of the iPhone 8 will be delayed, with only the activation of certain features at a later date being the more likely outcome. However, that might not sit well with customers, as they might be paying at least $1,200 for an incomplete device.