New Mac mini 2016 launch date, specifications & new capabilities rumours: Mac mini replace due soon – WWDC 2016, or October 2016?

New Mac mini release date & new features rumours

The Mac mini is due for an replace in 2016, because it wasn’t touched at all in 2015; but Apple is giving nothing away. nevertheless, primarily based on beyond enjoy and the present specifications of other Macs, we’ve got a good concept of what to anticipate from the new Mac mini, and when to anticipate it. we’ve got were given all of the new Mac mini rumours and speculation for you right right here: examine on for the next Mac mini’s probably release date, specs and new features.

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New Mac mini 2016 rumours: what’s the Mac mini?
now not the no-brainer it’d sound to eager mini-heads: masses of in any other case tech-savvy folk aren’t aware the Mac mini even exists. indeed, occasionally it looks as if Apple itself is not aware about its presence – that might without a doubt give an explanation for the long gap before the 2014 model was released.

The Mac mini is Apple’s smallest laptop Mac and also its most inexpensive Mac, at £399. it’s a full-blown OS X desktop that suits into a self-contained chassis no larger than a hard and fast-pinnacle container. it is an less expensive residing-room Mac that lacks the power of even some MacBooks and springs with no keyboard, mouse or display, but one that works perfectly because the centre of your virtual home – now not least as it comes with HDMI sockets, making plugging it right into a current tv a doddle.

There was once a Mac mini with OS X server to be had for £849 however Apple removed that choice from the road-up in October 2014.

New Mac mini launch date & new features rumours
New Mac mini 2016 rumours: launch date
when will the following Mac mini pop out?

Apple ultimate up to date the Mac mini on sixteen October 2014 after a two-year wait: the previous version had come out on 23 October 2012. Mac mini fanatics are now looking ahead to the subsequent new release of the smallest and cheapest Mac. we are hopeful that it could pop out this yr, and current history in reality points to an update in autumn 2016.

(Of path, it is not that simple. Apple used to replace the mini more often; earlier than 2012 there had been new fashions in 2009 (two times!), 2010 and 2011, and the greater constructive amongst Macworld’s team of workers had anticipated Apple to announce a new Mac mini within the autumn of 2015, probable alongside the brand new iMac with 4K Retina display, or at the same time as the El Capitan launch. but the ones opportunities had been and long gone.)

we are looking forward to the next Mac mini replace, now not least due to the fact Apple has added new Skylake Intel processors to its laptops and computers, leaving the Mac mini within the dirt. In fact, the next technology of Intel chips is due close to the give up of 2016 – they’re known as Kaby Lake – and it’s feasible that the new Mac mini may want to characteristic processors from this batch. but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. we will talk approximately processors, and other specifications, in a later phase of this article.

the next predicted Apple press occasion is not till June at WWDC 2016, however Apple should pick to sneak out an unexpected Mac mini before then without web hosting a special occasion to achieve this. we’ll maintain you up to date with all of the Mac mini launch date rumours right right here.

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New Mac mini 2016 rumours: rate
How plenty will the next Mac mini price?

There are presently 3 fashions of the Mac mini to be had; the one that is exceptional for you may depend upon your budget and computing wishes. The most inexpensive model currently expenses £399, the middle version is £569, and the priciest model is £799.

these expenses ware substantial because they marked a discount of £a hundred: previously the cheapest Mac mini became £499, for instance. Of route, you’ll still want to factor inside the rate of a display, keyboard and mouse.

however, we do not assume Apple lowering the fee further with the brand new version while it launches, so that you can anticipate similar pricing. optimistically higher specifications to your cash, though, of direction. Which leads us directly to…

New Mac mini 2016 rumours: specifications and features
It seems in all likelihood that Apple have been waiting for Intel to deliver the new Skylake chips earlier than launching the new Mac mini, even though it’s nevertheless feasible that Apple will opt for the Broadwell chips alternatively, which might nevertheless constitute a strength improve over the current Haswell processors. If the new Mac minis pop out in very past due 2016 or later, Intel may also have began extent production of the following era of processors: Kaby Lake. whether Apple is probable to interrupt its returned becoming the trendy technology of chips right into a price range gadget is controversial.

proper now, the entry-degree Mac mini features simply 4GB RAM as widespread, which we think ought to be ramped up to 8GB inside the new entry-degree model.

the opposite huge change we hope to see in the new Mac mini is the addition of more flash drive alternatives. presently the 2.8GHz model comes with a Fusion force, or you can upload 256GB flash garage to that version, or the two.8GHz model.

even as the 500GB difficult power inside the modern-day access-stage version (and the 1TB difficult pressure as wellknown inside the £569 version) would possibly seem attractive to a few, flash memory is a lot faster that we accept as true with it’s far well really worth the compromise of storing extra documents on an external difficult power.

but, it seems not going that Apple would remove the difficult pressure storage choice altogether, as many workgroups choose the Mac mini as a server and could want the more capacity and decrease costs that HD garage makes possible.

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New Mac mini 2016 rumours: design
it is feasible that the Mac mini will get a new layout. we are now not looking forward to a major visible or construct redesign, but it’s far simply possible that it is able to get thinner and smaller, especially because it no longer has to accommodate a CD pressure.

right now the size are three.6cm high, 19.7cm wide, and it weighs 1.22kg. How approximately a Mac mini that has comparable dimensions to an Apple television? (it’s nine.8cm huge, 2.3cm excessive, and a weight of zero.27kg.)
there was some speculation that the purpose for the long put off previous to the Mac mini replace in 2014 become that Apple was searching at redesiging the Mac mini alongside the traces of the Mac seasoned.

This turned into in all likelihood supposed as an April fool’s Day prank, however we like this render of a flat Mac mini, as seen on Apple user.
Even higher, how about a Mac mini that’s additionally an Apple tv? including Apple television capability to a Mac mini would be a brilliant way of having the Mac mini into people’s dwelling rooms as a domestic enjoyment tool.