Google Photos update brings improved editing options

Google Photos update brings improved editing options

Google Photos is a widely popular application out there and lets you store unlimited photos on the cloud for free. This is one of the primary reasons I was drawn towards the app.

However, it is also a photo editing app, just like any other Gallery app really. But Google Photos was somewhat lacking as far as editing was concerned. However, Google has issued a new update to the application, which enhances the performance to a great extent.

As far as editing is concerned, users will now be able to swipe between images midway through their edits, which will automatically save the changes they’ve made on an image. You can come back to the image you were editing and tap the ‘Revert to Original’ to undo any changes. This is a much needed addition on the app, although it might not seem like a groundbreaking feature to many.

To make your images look and fit better, there will be an aspect ratio selector as well. Users get to choose from Original, Square, 16:9, and 4:3 under this setting. Google Photos is available on the web, Android as well as iOS. The update should already be live on the web version while mobile apps might take some time to get the aforementioned features.


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