BLU faces class action suit regading Adups software that sent information to Chinese servers

BLU faces class action suit regading Adups software that sent information to Chinese servers

Earlier this month, we told you that software made by a company called Shanghai Adups Technology Company was discovered on as many as 120,000 smartphones manufactured by Miami based BLU. The software sent information to servers in China including full text messages, contact lists, call logs and location data. BLU CEO Samuel Ohev-Zion said that the company had no knowledge that the Adups software was included on its phones. He said that all data mined from its phones was destroyed (according to Adups) and that no BLU model today contains the software.

But that hasn’t stopped a law firm from mulling over the possibility of filing a class action suit against BLU. Rosen Legal, the law firm seeking an audience with owners of BLU branded Android phones, has been called an “ambulance chaser who dismisses details and is uneducated on the subject,” by BLU. The latter’s senior marketing director, Carmen Gonzalez, called the claims non-issues and noted that no one actually suffered any damages. Ms. Gonzalez added that BLU did nothing wrong to justify a class action suit be filed against it.

To check to see if you can be a member of the class, take your Android flavored BLU handset and go to Settings > Apps > Show System > Wireless Update. If the version of Wireless Update that pops up is between 5.0.x to 5.3.x or above, you could be a member of the class. If you are a possible Class Action member, you can contact Phillip Kim, Esq. or Christopher Hinton, Esq. of The Rosen Law Firm toll free at (866) 767-3653. Or, you can email them at [email protected] or [email protected].

“The Rosen Law Firm, P.A. announced today that it has initiated a class action lawsuit investigation regarding a potential claims against Blu Products, Inc. arising from its installation of spyware onto certain of the cellular smartphones it designs and distributes throughout the United States (the “Affected Phones”). Blu Products has admitted that the spyware “collect[ed] unauthorized personal data in the form of text messages, call logs, and contacts from customers.” This data was collected and then sent to servers located in China. The spyware, a derivative of software developed by Shanghai Adups Technology Company, was installed on the Affected Phones unbeknownst to consumers.”-The Rosen Law Firm

Again, all that is happening right now is that the law firm is investigating its options. If there is a Class Action suit filed, we will pass the news along to you.