Apple iOS 10 Update leading to bricking problems on iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 10 Update leading to bricking problems on iPhone and iPad

Meanwhile, many users took to the social networking website Twitter to post that their Apple devices have been bricked by the update after facing continued problems and they could not make them work. According to Apple, those who were affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update instead of iOS 10 installation via OTA.

There were, however, no reports of people getting the same problem from updating their iOS versions with the iTunes method, though it was a bit slower than the usual OTA approach. They say that their devices are losing cellular signals and that the only way they’re able to get cellular connectivity again is by restarting the device. However, if that scared you away from iOS 10, you’ll be happy to know that Apple quickly fixed the bug, and you can now update with abandon-provided you’re cool with all the new “features”.

LinkedIn has released a new update to its iOS app for iPhones and iPads and the new version 9.1.0 has received the iOS 10 treatment. Apple Pay is also coming to iMessage, though it won’t have much relevance for India users since the service has not yet launched here.

You see the Apple logo on your screen for several minutes with no progress bar.

Download the update by opening Settings General Software Update Download and Install.

The company and its chief executives, including CEO John Legere, claim that Apple is “working on a fix” for the problems, and that it’ll be released within the next 24-48 hours.

WARNING: Before carrying out any update, it is recommended that users back up any their files either onto a computer or in iCloud in order to avoid any data loss during the switch. The Phone app adds integration for third-party VoIP calls, voicemail transcription and a new caller ID extension for spam alerts.

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