Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Specifications, Games, Price, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Specifications, Games, Price, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Xbox One X, previously known as Xbox Scorpio is the world’s most powerful console. Announced at Microsoft’s E3 2017 event, it marks the Microsoft’s renewed attempt at competing with Sony’s PS4 line of consoles that has been outselling the Xbox One by 2:1 in the US and 3:1 in Europe. Is being on the cutting edge of specifications enough for you to bother with the Xbox One X? Or is the PS4 Pro, Sony’s most premium console enough? We tell you.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Specifications
Xbox One X Specifications

Project Scorpio CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz
GPU: 6TFLOPS, 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz
Memory 12GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 326GB/s
Hard Drive 1TB 2.5-inch
Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray
PS4 Pro specifications

CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon-based graphics engine
Memory: 8GB GDDR5
Storage size: 1TB
Optical Drive: Blu-ray
The PS4 Pro CPU is only around 31 percent faster than what it was on the PS4 while the GPU has a 2.3x more power. Similarly Xbox Scorpio has a 31 percent hike in terms of CPU with a 4.6x spike in GPU performance. Does this mean games would be drastically better on the Xbox One X? Not necessarily.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Price in India

The Xbox One X sports a $499 (approximately Rs. 32,000) price tag compared to the PS4 Pro’s $399 (almost Rs. 26,000) price. In India, the PS4 Pro retails for Rs. 38,990. No price has been given for the Xbox One X in India just yet. Though if we were to hazard a guess, it’s safe to say it would have at least a Rs. 6,000 premium over the PS4 Pro putting it in the range of Rs. 45,000 to 50,000.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Performance and frame-rate
Despite the Xbox One X touting native 4K and 60 frames per second as opposed to the PS4 Pro outputting at a resolution close to but not 4K using techniques like checkerboard rendering, not all games may take full use of the Xbox One X’s horsepower as it depends on how the game was developed.

Take Destiny 2 for example, the game is 4K 30fps on the PS4 Pro and will probably be the same for the Xbox One X. The reason for this, is that the game is more intensive in terms of CPU requirements rather than the GPU due to the sheer number of things on screen such as AI, physically simulated vehicles, characters, and projectiles.

Granted Destiny 2 is being exclusively promoted by Sony which could explain why 60fps may not be possible on the Xbox One X, but titles like Forza Motorsport 7, which are only on the Xbox One range of consoles promise native 4K and 60fps on the Xbox One X.

Other games like Assassin’s Creed Origins, which is on both platforms seem to take advantage of native 4K on the Xbox One X, though its too early to ascertain if it is at 60fps at the moment.
Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Games
The Xbox One X – unlike past Microsoft Xbox One attempts – doesn’t claim to have the widest line up of exclusive games. Instead the focus at E3 2017 was on games that will be present on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, with the Xbox One X playing them better. So if you were expecting a new Halo or Gears of War for the Xbox One X, that will not be happening just yet. However, the company has stated that existing Xbox One games like Gears of War 4 will receive updates to take advantage of the Xbox One X.

Meanwhile in the Sony camp, the PS4 Pro gets all the games the PS4 does. What this means is you get access to modern day classics like Persona 5, Nier Automata, Yakuza 0, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, and PS4 exclusives that are yet to show up like God of War, The Last of Us Part 2, and Gran Turismo Sport to name a few.

If you’re looking for exclusive games to show off the best of your new purchase, the PS4 Pro seems to be a better buy. Sony’s developers have done an admirable job with first-party games having an improved frame rate and visual fidelity such as Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

But if you plan on playing third-party games that aren’t exclusive to either Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, then the Xbox One X appears to be a better bet in terms of graphics. Or so Microsoft would have us believe, we’ll know for sure closer to the Xbox One X release date.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Backwards compatibility
The Xbox One X will work with games from the Xbox 360, existing Xbox One games and even select titles from the 2001 original Xbox that marked Microsoft’s debut in the console market.

On the other hand, the PS4 Pro will only play PS4 games as well as select PS2 titles that Sony has put for sale on the PlayStation Store as digital downloads. Games from other PlayStation consoles like the PS3 can only be played via PS Now – Sony’s Netflix-like streaming service which hasn’t rolled out globally just yet.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Summary

As it stands both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are fine pieces of hardware. If you’re looking for the largest number of exclusives, the PS4 Pro should suit you just fine, but if you’re after