Xander Audio XA-599BT multimedia speaker review: Is this the best 5.1 surround system under Rs 10,000?

Xander Audio XA-599BT multimedia speaker review: Is this the best 5.1 surround system under Rs 10,000?

Xander Audio, a Delhi based company, which is basically a part of US $200 Million MCC group has a number of multimedia products to offer in the affordable price segment. The company’s product line-up includes home entertainment systems varying from 2.1 channels to 5.1 surround systems to tower speakers. The recent one to join the product line-up is the XA-599BT. The music system sits in the sub Rs 10k price-bracket and can be connected easily with all possible devices/music players and smart gadgets such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

We played with the multimedia system to find out whether it is worth spending Rs 10,000 for a compact music listening solution from Xander Audio. Here is our review of the product.


Driver size: 8-inch (Subwoofer)

Frequency range: 40Hz- 150Hz (speakers), 50Hz/60Hz (Amplifier)

Power requirement: AC- 220 V-240 V

Ports: 1 USB, 1 card reader

Others: Bluetooth enabled, FM, can connect to PC, TV, music players

Price: Rs 9,950

What’s in the package?
The XA-599BT’s main unit is fitted with an 8 inch sub-woofer to handle the bass department. The 10,000 Watt PMPO is delivered via 6 speakers, which are light in weight and can be easily carried around. The main unit comes with a subtle and symmetrical design.
The top of the amplifier features an LED display and the centre has the control buttons. The right side has the microSD card slot, a USB slot and the audio-in/out ports are provided at the rear side of the unit. The bundled speakers are also designed quite well and can be easily carried around because of their light weight.

The package also includes a remote, which allows you to control everything about the home theatre system from the couch.
Ports and connectivity

The XA-599BT ticks all the boxes in the connectivity department. The surround system comes with a USB port, a SD card slot, a number of ports that allows you to connect it to any device (TV, PC, etc.) or a music player. It also comes integrated with Bluetooth technology so you can pair it up with your smartphone or a tablet device to stream music wirelessly. Besides the built-in FM Radio gives you an option to tune in to your favourite RJ.

We played music via a USB, SD card and also tried our hands on wireless music streaming by pairing up the music system with our smartphone. All worked well without any problems.

Set up and audio performance

Setting up the home theatre system is an easy process. You just need to plug in the 5 input cables of the speakers to the main unit, the power cable to the socket, choose the mode of music playback (USB, SD card, etc.) and you are good to go. The full-function remote control offers easy accessibility and comfort to operate the home theatre system.

The XA-599BT multimedia speaker system with the 10,000 watt audio output manages to deliver good sound signature in a variety of genres we played.

It easily handles the sub-bass content tracks like the Titanium by David Guetta. The vocals are also taken care of and are clearly audible while the system plays the bass heavy electric pop song. We noticed a slight distortion of the audio at full volume, but overall the speaker sounded quite well in all mix tracks at various volume levels.

The music system offers a good overall sound and comes packed with a number of connectivity options to stream music.

While, we don’t have much to complain about the audio performance and the features offered by the XA-599BT, the final decision comes on to the pricing of the product, which seems a bit high.


Xander XA-599BT multimedia speakers perform a decent job of being a good overall home entertainment system. The audio quality delivered by the music system is pleasing, loud and packs in ample bass to be workable in a living room. However, there are options available in the market from known brands such as iBall 5.1 Booster, Panasonic XH10, LG HT302SD, etc. which comes at a lower price-point and offer similar performance. Moreover these products come with a brand trust that Xander has yet to create in the Indian market


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