Windows 10 wants to help you understand why your PC crashed

Windows 10 wants to help you understand why your PC crashed

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about major changes coming to Windows 10 with this summer’s Anniversary Update, but naturally Redmond has plenty of minor tweaks in the pipeline as well, one of which will make the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ (BSOD) more useful and comprehensible.

A denizen of Reddit has posted an image which shows a BSOD with a novel addition, a QR code you can scan with your phone, along with a web link.

As PC World reports, the QR code transports you to Microsoft website, which offers generic suggestions of “some things you can try when you experience a blue screen error”, but the hope is that in the future, Redmond is planning to link through to specific details of what caused the crash, and possible solutions.

That would certainly make troubleshooting a crashed computer a far easier process.

Fortunately, BSOD is something we see less of these days as Windows has become much more stable in general – but of course they still inevitably pop up when things have gone horribly wrong.

Blue screens have been a downer and they’re also practically useless, providing little information as to what has caused your PC to crash in the first place. With Windows 10, you might get some sort of semi-useful cryptic error code – at least it’s an improvement from the incomprehensible and lengthy hexadecimal codes Windows used throw at us – but still, the BSOD up until now hasn’t been particularly helpful.

Now it seems the QR code may be a new addition for the latest preview build of Windows 10. Another Reddit user in the thread noted he also received a code during a crash trying to install the latest preview of the OS.

Hopefully, the same update will come down the main pipeline for Window 10 in the near future, because this is definitely a useful little extra.

Lead Image Credit: Javelinnl (Reddit)

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