Windows 10 Creators Update: What you need to know

Windows 10 is going to see a big upgrade starting early 2017 known as the Creators Update. This will introduce a bundle of new features to the platform, which will enhance user experience to a great extent. The update will be sent out to the users for free.

Foremost among the newly launched features is the introduction of a new 3D platform which is based on the company’s HoloLens and some other VR projects.

Microsoft hardware partners will release VR headsets compatible with the Creators Update starting next year. These headsets will start from about $299, thus ensuring that it’s not beyond the reach of the regular consumers. Companies like Acer, ASUS, Dell and Lenovo will be releasing dedicated hardware.

Yet another major feature announced by the Microsoft team is the addition of enhanced streaming and cooperative features for gamers. This is a prerequisite for any modern day online gamer, and it’s good to see that Microsoft is bringing in the changes at long last. You can also expect some big improvements with regards to game streaming once the update is sent out.

Lastly, Microsoft is also looking to improve the lives of the regular users. The company will do this by bringing better integration of contacts for a more seamless sharing experience. This will affect practically everyone using the sharing options on Windows 10.

Microsoft also unveiled the new Paint3D app which has some new tools to play around with. Further, your work can be shared with an online community called Remix3D. This community is also merged with PowerPoint.

[Source:-Tech Rader]