Apple releases iOS 10.1.1 with several bug fixes for the Health app

Hot on the heels of the “Hello Again” event where Apple finally updated their MacBook Pro lineup, Apple released iOS 10.1 for the iPhone and iPad with several bug fixes, improvements and the new Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera.

iOS 10.1.1
Now Apple has pushed a minor iOS update, dubbed iOS 10.1.1, which rings with it several minor bug fixes and improvements and fixes a major issue with the Health application.

Some users had complained that the Health app wasn’t showing them any data, and iOS 10.1.1 aims to fix that issue. Alongside the same, there are several other big fixes which are not mentioned in the release notes as they are minor.

How to download
As always, you can download the update by heading over to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone/iPad and clicking on download now.

Supported devices
The update is available to the same set of devices (iPhone 5 and up) that received the iOS 10 update and if you are rocking the same, you are good to receive the update.

Portrait mode
With iOS 10.1, iPhone 7 Plus users can finally enjoy the much talked about Portrait mode, which creates a shallow depth of field to highlight main object, creating a sort of ‘bokeh’ effect and blurring the background.

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[Source:-Tech rader]