the way to personalize the Apple tv (fourth-era) home display screen

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The fourth-technology Apple television ($149 MSRP) is tons extra powerful and succesful than preceding variations, with thousands of apps you may down load from the App store.

however you already know what they say about having remarkable electricity. To make the maximum of the today’s Apple television, you’ll need to take some responsibility over the arrangement of these apps on the house display. here are 3 steps to cleansing up the muddle and streamlining your binge-looking classes.

select your four preferred apps
The pinnacle row of apps is not just like the others with the fourth-technology Apple tv. the usage of the touchpad, you can scroll over any of these four apps to view advised content material proper on the home screen. this will be a useful manner to see what’s on while not having to dive into a group of separate apps.

to transport apps into the top row, scroll to the app you want, then click and preserve the touchpad until the icon jiggles. Slide the app into the spot of your selecting, then click on the touchpad once more.

alas, not all third-celebration apps take benefit in their pinnacle row privileges. some apps that do include content material previews within the top row encompass Netflix, HBO pass, Showtime, Hulu, Channels, and Pluto.television. Apple’s own apps, which includes iTunes and track, employ the pinnacle row as well.

Rearrange the app order and create folders
to transport apps around at the fourth-era Apple tv, click and maintain the touchpad at the app you need until its icon jiggles. Use the touchpad to slip the app into your favored place, then click again.

As of tvOS 9.2, you could additionally circulate apps into folders. There are two ways to accomplish this:

click and hold the touchpad on the app you need to transport, then drag the app onto some other app to create a brand new folder. (make sure not to click the touchpad again until the folder has elevated.) you could then drag other apps into this folder, much like you would with an iPhone or iPad.
click and maintain the touchpad at the app you want to transport, then press the play/pause button. You’ll see an option to create a new folder with this app, or pass the app into an present folder.
eliminating apps from folders works the same way: click and preserve the touchpad on the app, then either drag the app outside of the folder, or press the play/pause button and choose the “pass to domestic display” option.

To rename a folder, click on on it, then scroll to the text access subject on the pinnacle.

Delete or hide Apple television apps
want to banish a downloaded app from the home screen? just spotlight it, click on and keep the touchpad, and press the play/pause button. Then click Delete inside the menu.

Apps that come preinstalled with the fourth-technology Apple tv (inclusive of iTunes, Apple music, and Podcasts) can not be deleted or eliminated from the home screen. in case you’re now not planning to apply these apps, the high-quality you may do is create a “Junk” folder to minimize the muddle.