[Watch] gambling dark Souls three with voice instructions is hilarious and horribly frustrating

we’ve got seen a number of gamers with inhuman talents play dark Souls three and beat it without ever leveling past stage one, rolling or parrying – but we have not visible very many people attempt playing the game with voice instructions.

there may be probably precise purpose for that – it is distinctly frustrating.

Gamer and Youtuber Slimecicle decided to try his success and forgo the prestigious dark Souls device, the controller. as an alternative, he opted to use voice instructions… a choice that in all likelihood shaved hours off of his existence due to sheer frustration.

it would seem not possible, at the least for Slimecicle, but we do know of one man or woman to have beat the unique darkish Souls with voice commands – and that’s bearzly. sure, the same person that beat dark Souls with a Rock Band drum package and Bloodborne too.