[Update: It’s now the 2nd] the call of responsibility: endless conflict trailer is the 8th most hated video on YouTube

update (Rerepublished on 05/14)

call of obligation: limitless conflict has one of the maximum hated trailers of all time and is now the 2nd maximum hated video on ALL of YouTube, passing such horrible songs like ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black.

The reputable listing for the maximum hated YouTube films hasn’t been updated nicely but and lists the call of duty: limitless warfare trailer as most effective the 4th most hated, however while looking at the man or woman motion pictures’ dislike numbers we are able to genuinely see that endless struggle has risen to the quantity 2 spot.

The trailer has accumulated over 2.eleven million dislikes, that is more that Rebecca Black’s 2.08 million on ‘Friday’. even though it looks like a someone attacked both the countless struggle trailer and the monitor for Battlefield 1 with a bot, making the numbers of dislikes and likes unbelievably high in a very brief time.

perhaps Activision’s choice to release a name of obligation cutting-edge struggle trilogy package deal is a way of winning again the much less than thrilled fans.

replace (Republished on five/10)

the call of duty: infinite struggle trailer is now the 4th maximum hated video of all time on YouTube, passing Psy’s ‘Gangnam style’ and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

The professional listing for most disliked videos hasn’t update but and nonetheless lists countless conflict as the 5th most hated, however while you click the individual movies the numbers suggests who is more hated. name of responsibility: limitless warfare has 1,518,832 dislikes at the same time as ‘Gangnam fashion’ has 1,503,559 dislikes, making countless war take the 4th location on the listing.

The interesting issue is that the other movies at the list has taken years to quantity all of their likes and dislikes, call of responsibility: limitless conflict has simplest been out for every week and is already on the listing. At this charge perhaps it’s going to even skip Justin Bieber’s ‘infant’ with a total of 6,one hundred and one,515 dislikes.

unique tale (posted on five/nine)

Yep, the decision of obligation: infinite conflict trailer is in the pinnacle 10 list of maximum hated videos on YouTube, it really is pretty an fulfillment.

The fact that the limitless conflict trailer has greater dislikes than likes is antique information, however the trailer that became released on might also 2 and already has 14,000,000 plus perspectives has already managed to go into the top 10 most hated movies list. With its 1.2 million dislikes the infinite conflict trailer has claimed the eighth spot on the list, in between ‘sturdy’ from ‘RPerry’ and ‘Anaconda’ by ‘Nicki Minaj’.

seems like the fanatics failed to actually need the sci-fi placing that the countless conflict trailer confirmed, they need to head lower back to fundamentals, to WW I like what’s going on in Battlefield 1

The countless conflict trailer and the Battlefield 1 trailer is like night and day. limitless struggle has 14 million views and 1.2 million dislikes, Battlefield 1 has 19 million views and only 19,000 dislikes. that says one among matters.

The fans are bored with the futuristic settings and they want to head again to basics, back to a “real” video game battle… Or it’s miles simply popular to hate on CoD. The CoD hate teach is not anything new and for a long term dice and Battlefield has gotten extra leeway from the lovers and players than Activision’s call of obligation games.

despite the fact that endless war has gotten so many dislikes the pre-orders are already going strong, and Activision’s Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg says that there may be not anything to fear about.

“we’ve got seen this within the franchise earlier than: the screen trailer for Black Ops II, which took the franchise into the future for the primary time, had the maximum dislikes of any display trailer we have ever made at that point, and that of path went on to emerge as our maximum a hit recreation ever.”

best time will tell if the wide variety of dislikes certainly got here from enthusiasts of the call of responsibility series or from the ones how just hates on call of obligation because it it cool to do so at the internet.