trying out Overwatch myths well-knownshows sudden strategies

What occurs if Symmetra drops a turret on a basketball? The remarkable Overwatch Myths collection, created through shield The house, has put such crucial inquiries to the test, putting in not going Overwatch performs just to discover what occurs. a few are silly, however a number of the hints they’ve found are appropriate to realize. I had no concept, as an example, that Reinhardt may want to pin D.Va’s mech even as it is self-destructing, falling on the biggest grenade in the sport.

underneath, i have pulled out a list of the extra tactically tremendous discoveries from the films, and below that you may watch both volumes (greater are coming, in line with the description of Vol. 2). they’re each well worth watching, specially for the experiments with Tracer’s keep in mind ability.

Lucios will now not heal you quicker than one, but two Mercys will.
Reinhardt can pin D.Va’s mech whilst it’s self-destructing, moving it away from teammates. How selfless!
if you positioned one in every of Torbjorn’s turrets over a health percent, it’s going to use it to heal.
Reinhardt’s charge can be stopped quick with the aid of one of Junkrat’s traps.
D.Va can block Hanzo’s closing if she blocks the arrow together with her shield earlier than it turns into its Dragonstrike form.
D.Va can kill an opponent with the aid of calling in her mech even as next to them.