TiVo will be acquired with the aid of patent giant Rovi for $1.1 billion

Rovi has agreed to collect DVR maker TiVo in a deal worth $1.1 billion. the purchase, which became rumored to be near final touch in March, can be component cash, part stocks — best $277 million will simply trade arms, with the relaxation of the discern being paid out in stock of a brand new organization with the intention to personal each Rovi and TiVo. problem to the usual regulatory approvals, the acquisition will complete in Q3 2016, and then the joint entity could be known as TiVo.

even as you’re privy to TiVo, you probable don’t know what Rovi is or does. The business enterprise commenced lifestyles as MacroVision, and owns lots of patents relating to DRM and program guides. extra lately, it is usually been within the information for wielding the ones patents liberally in numerous proceedings, such as a case in opposition to Netflix that it sooner or later lost. TiVo additionally has plenty of IP regarding its DVR tech. With the acquisition, the brand new TiVo may have over 6,000 patents, and some far-reaching claims to royalties within the DVR market.