Street Fighter 5’s March update includes some amazing, wild and terrible new costumes

Capcom’s latest update for Street Fighter 5, which paves the way for Alex’s arrival and adds some promised game features, includes a batch of new costumes for the fighting game’s roster. And players have already mined the March update to reveal a batch of weird, wild and questionable alternate costumes for the Street Fighter 5 cast.

Fans of professional wrestling will be well-served by the new round of DLC costumes; R. Mika, Zangief and newcomer Alex all have new gear that seems fitting for the squared circle. You can check out those new selections, including Ken’s not-so-great short-haired alt look in the gallery below.

It’s not clear when players will get access to the new costumes, but Street Fighter 5‘s in-game store will launch tomorrow, March 30.

The March update for Street Fighter 5 includes more than just slick new gear, of course. Capcom added single-player challenges, combo trials and a host of balance changes. More details on the update are right here.

Some players have already managed to access Alex, the first downloadable character coming to Street Fighter 5. While he’s officially coming in tomorrow’s update, here’s a pre-release peek at the returning Street Fighter 3 character in action.