Star Fox Zero will have an invincibility mode for newbies

The Wii U’s hotly anticipated Star Fox Zero is going to have an invincibility mode in the form of an unlockable Arwing for players that need a little leg up. While this may cause the hardcore faithful to roll their eyes, Legendary Nintendo Game Developer, Shigeru Miyamoto is assuring players that Star Fox Zero will be plenty challenging for those that want to undertake it.

In an interview with Time Magazine, he also addressed a criticism directed at Nintendo regarding the notion of handholding in games.

Said Miyamoto:

“One thing that I think is a misunderstanding, is that I’m not very supportive of simply making a game easy so that people who don’t play games can play the game themselves. Obviously part of the fun of taking on a challenge is that the challenge has to be a hurdle that you overcome. Simply lowering the hurdle doesn’t necessarily mean that the challenge will be fun. What’s fun is you mastering the skill and having that sense of accomplishment—of achieving something that’s difficult.”

Miyamoto went on to say that he felt that he simply wanted a wider variety of gamers to be able to enjoy all of Star Fox Zero, and that the invincibility Arwing is simply a way for players to “fly through and see the levels” if they get stuck.

The invincibility Arwing is not a detriment to the Star Fox Zero experience; rather an optional add-on for people that want to use it.

Star Fox Zero releases on April 22, 2016 and will ship with Star Fox Guard, a standalone co-op title starring Grippy Toad.

[SOURCE :-gamezone]