ServersCheck Launching World’s First Thermal Imaging Sensor That Works With SNMP & Modbus

Traditional temperature sensors do a good job reporting the temperature where the sensor is located, but what if you could get a better picture of the temperature in thermal runways, contacts and switches, or other important areas? The ServersCheck Thermal Imaging Sensor does that, making it the first temperature sensor that reports both what it senses and what it sees, according to ServersCheck.

The sensor performs a thermal scan of what it sees with its 50-degree field-of-view camera, checking the temperature every two seconds in 4,800 points. From there, it converts the thermal image array into SNMP and Modbus data that you can easily integrate with an existing monitoring platform. The Thermal Imaging Sensor connects via RJ45 to the wired or cellular SensorGateway base unit, which then transmits the alerts to you and the data to your network monitoring or building management platform, ServersCheck notes.

With the ServersCheck Thermal Imaging Sensor, you can monitor areas in ways that previously weren’t possible. “The advantage of this sensor over conventional temperature probes is that they can monitor individual changes or events within the environment that don’t necessarily affect the overall conditions and often go undetected,” said ServersCheck CEO Maarten Van Laere in a press release announcing the new product.

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