Senior Web Designer

Skills Required: UI/UX Design, Design, HTML5, Project Management, Adobe Illustrator, Front-end design, graphic design, wireframes, javascript


About the role

The Senior Web Designer has a keen sense of design and experience in building websites and is well-versed in UI/UX best practices. Candidate will be responsible for managing the web building/production team and adhering to and improving workflows.


  • Managing a team of web builders that produce industry specific modern and professional websites that generate leads
  • Responsible for teaching and leading classes on UI/UX best practices
  • Ensure that website production is being carried out in a timely manner and to a high standard
  • Liaising with product manager and sales team to assign projects to web builders
  • Websites will be built and designed based on client’s instructions, chosen web templates and web design best practices
  • Coordinate with account services, website content and design with the copywriters and account executives to meet the client’s needs
  • Give input to improve the web building tool
  • Work with development team and product managers to improve the bDigital platform and web builder functionalities and to complete web builds on time


  • 1-2 years experience in graphic design and/or frontend development
  • A keen interest in UI/UX and familiarity with best UI/UX practices
  • Able to communicate verbally and in writing in English with product and development team
  • Verbal and written Malay and Chinese huge added plus
  • Accuracy and attention to detail when finalising designs
  • Determination to achieve excellence
  • An interest in improving the businesses of SMEs and entrepreneurs in the region
  • Good time management skills
  • Experience with (project management) an added plus
  • Experience designing ecommerce websites an added plus
  • Receptiveness to criticism and feedback from supervisor and a desire to learn
  • The ability to see projects from inception through to production
  • The motivation to improve and maintain design standards


  • An eye for design and aesthetics
  • Can do QA for web design and SEO (Meta Tags)
  • Has background in website development and with frontend development experience (css, html, javascript, etc.)
  • Experienced in the creation of eCommerce websites

[SOURCE:-E 27]