Say What? You Can Now Buy Beautyblenders at MAC Stores

Story image for Mac from POPSUGAR

If we were to make a list of the most-hoarded beauty products, MAC’s Ruby Woo Red Lipstick ($18) and a Beautyblender ($20) would be among the top contenders. Both offerings have become ubiquitous in the makeup community, and the two brands rank among the most well-known in the biz.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to invite you to a marriage of sorts: MAC and Beautyblender have become a power couple. How so? According to an Instagram post from a MAC store in Pleasanton, CA, the retailer now counts the beloved makeup sponge as part of its stock.

This means that the next time you run out to replenish some of your MAC favorites, you can also pick up a Beautyblender, along with a few of its cousin products. In the photo of the store’s new display, we also spy a Beautyblusher (for cheek application) and two mini blenders, which prettify those tough-to-reach places such as the brow bone, sides of the nose, and blemishes.

Of course, MAC also sells its own line of sponges, most of which retail for $10. The larger, mushroom-shaped Pro Performance Sponge ($19) is a little pricier and costs about the same as a Beautyblender does. So whether you choose to stock up on a MAC original or its new partner, you’re bound to achieve a flawless application.