Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Should Be Made Official, Says Consumer Reports

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Should Be Made Official, Says Consumer Reports

Samsung suspended worldwide sales of the Galaxy Note 7, following reports of explosions of the device while on charge. Samsung India also released an official statement confirming that shipments will be delayed. Around 35 handsets have exploded so far, and Samsung looks to rectify the issue before recommencement of sales, and is also reportedly considering worldwide recall. However, even after the announcement, the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hasn’t been stalled by many retailers. Consumer Reports found out that many retailers were still selling the Galaxy Note 7 even after the defect was officially confirmed by Samsung. And therefore, it is urging Samsung to announce the official worldwide recall immediately.

Given the serious nature of safety problem, the report asserts that Samsung should have involved the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) immediately, and made the recall official. Even after the suspension, the Galaxy Note 7 was still found to be sold by many retailers, and the official recall announcement would make it illegal to sell the smartphone in the market.



“Samsung should immediately initiate an official recall with the Consumer Product Safety Commission given the serious nature of the safety problem it identified with the Galaxy Note7. We are particularly concerned that phones continue to be available for sale today,” said Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports director of electronics testing.

While no official recall announcement has been made by Samsung, the company has announced its exchange plan in the US. Samsung will exchange the Galaxy Note 7 for another Note 7, or it will exchange the Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. It will also pay the price difference between the smartphones to the customer. Samsung says that it will begin the replacement process at its retail stores this week, and will also credit $25 into your phone bill or give a $25 gift card. Carriers like T-Mobile and other have also detailed the exchange process on their respective websites.

For Indian users, pre-ordered shipments have been stalled, and will only commence after the issue has been resolved.

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