Robot Wars meets Fallout in Automatron DLC, out March 22

Automatron, Fallout 4’s first DLC, looks like it’s blending the flexibility and personal flair of Fallout’s building and customisation systems with one of Fallout 3’s most memorable moments—the clash of superheroes for control of Canterbury Commons. Battle commences on March 22 for £8.

The dastardly Mechanist has been fusing robot parts together to create an army, much like the awful kid from the first Toy Story that gave me nightmares. It seems that if you’re able to take him down, well, you can take his place and create mechanical abominations of your own, customising paint, voices, parts and weapons (including a snazzy chain lightning gun) found by fighting metallic foes. The obvious next step is to make them fight.

Wasteland Workshop, the next piece of DLC will follow in April, with Far Harbor (the largest DLC by the looks of things) to come in May.


[SOURCE :-pcgamer]