be quiet! Shadow Rock slim CPU Cooler overview

slender tower CPU coolers make room for both a big fan and reminiscence clearence, however are they powerful enough for an overclocked 6-core Haswell-E CPU?

They might not be mild, however they clearly are slender. i’m no longer talking approximately expert athletes but unmarried tower CPU coolers. whilst twin-tower coolers might be the rage for the ragged fringe of air-cooled overclocking and might even gain customers who need to cool a hot processor quietly (at reduced fan speeds), installation troubles consist of strict limits on DRAM height and the dearth of get right of entry to to cable connectors. i was even pressured to choose alternative memory for my boss’s new build due to this. And though massive unmarried-towers won’t be light, they’re definitely lighter than those tubby twin-towers.


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Be Quiet! Shadow Rock slender Ecomm
be quiet! Shadow Rock slender
Noctua NH-U12S Ecomm
Noctua NH-U12S
Noctua NH-U14S Ecomm
Noctua NH-U14S
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be quiet! darkish Rock pro 3
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Noctua’s NH-U14S is the best single-tower cooler on the list to break beyond -pounds, and it is now not even the maximum akin to the Shadow Rock slim focused in brand new evaluate. A near suit to the NH-U12S, the Shadow Rock slim receives the “wider” size because its fan clips stick out. Even its 135mm fan makes use of the equal 120mm hollow spacing, and the second one set of clips can maintain a 2nd fan with 120mm hole spacing at the returned for push-pull airflow improvements.

other than the producer, big differences between the Shadow Rock slender and NH-U12S encompass the former’s notably-polished base, assist for historic LGA 775 processors, aluminum caps on the top of heat pipes, and a very unique mounting technique.

besides for LGA 2011x installations, the four screws and clip-on spacers in the top row (inside the above picture) hold the cooler’s aid plate loosely on the motherboard. The middle row of hollow bolts slip via holes within the chrome CPU brackets and are secured with nuts. developers need to then preserve the assembled cooler over the CPU, reach in the back of the motherboard with a screwdriver, and turn the ones screws into the hole nuts.

LGA 2011x customers get unique standoffs to comfy the cooler to the motherboard’s integrated guide mechanism. The cooler’s chrome brackets then slip over the standoffs to be secured with nuts. An blanketed wrench assists in tightening the cooler.

The Shadow Rock slender is narrow sufficient to fit even between the inner DIMMs of our take a look at motherboard, and leaves sufficient space on the lower back to install that 2d fan with out negating that statement.