How to Pick the Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Your Spouse This Christmas

Stockings can be the best part of Christmas. Why? Because you never know what you’re going to pull out next. Plus, you can fit tons of cool stuff into one convenient sock. However, instead of nuts, fruits, and candies of the old days, most people opt for DVDs, CDs, and expensive chocolates for their loved ones. These things are go-to gifts, of course, but you can make a stocking extra special for your spouse this Christmas.

Know What They Love and Have a Passion For

Does your honey love to paint, draw, and unwind with creative crafts? Fill up that stocking with art supplies, like acrylic, watercolor, or oil paints, lots of paintbrushes, and perhaps a mini sketch book. Or, if your sweetheart is all about car care and mechanics, go with small tools, like a magnetic automotive light, or tried-and-true car must-haves—i.e. wrenches, screwdrivers, and a magnetic tray for nuts and bolts. Whatever your cutie loves and has a passion for, that’s where your stocking stuffer thought process should be.

Skip the Gag Gifts

Most spouses love to play pranks on one another, but keep it to a minimum when it comes to the perfect stocking. Gag gifts have a time and place, and Christmas isn’t either of those. Instead of wasting your money on silly “gotcha” gifts, opt for things that you know your honey will use and love.

Go with Useful over Aesthetic

Sure, trinkets are pretty to look at, but they serve zero purpose otherwise. Aside from being excellent dust collectors, of course. Always go with practical and useful over pretty and sedentary. Instead of a collectible, gift your sweetheart with a candle in their favorite scent. Or, if you have to go the aesthetic route, make it a picture frame with a photograph of your favorite moment together. Is your honey a makeup guru? New sets of expensive brushes would be perfection. Or, is your sweetheart a hard-working scientific type? A pint-sized dictaphone microcassette transcriber can help your loved ones keep and organize their thoughts and notes.

Candy and Non-Perishable Favorites are Always a Go-To

When it comes to finishing up the perfect stockings, everyone has a go-to candy that they munch on constantly. For some, it might be a handful of dried cherries that mimic the sweetness of classic candies. For others, it may be a bundle of Hershey kisses and decadent chocolate truffles. Know what they love, and go with it—but make sure the snacks are non-perishable.

The perfect stocking stuffers for your spouse really depend on how well you know your sweetheart. When in doubt, think back on their interests, passions, hobbies, and loves. Then find small things that are best-suited for your loved one.