The Outdoors: Two generations of Laynes land 10-pounders

Ross Layne was no stranger to Tulsa World readers in the early 1990s. The talented fisherman occasionally did a story and provided Tenkiller Lake fishing reports to then-World outdoors writer Sam Powell.

In 1993 he caught a 10-plus pound bass in a Southcentral Oklahoma lake and Powell ran the photo in the paper.

Now it’s Evan Layne’s turn. Ross’s son caught this 10.54-pound, 23.75-inch monster on Cedar Lake early in the morning — real early, on Sept. 18.

Layne and a partner drove down to the lake at midnight and started fishing about 3:15 a.m., he said.

At 3:40 a.m., fishing the first long point they approached with a ½-ounce black-and-blue spinnerbait with a single large Colorado blade, the big bass took the bait.

“About four cranks of the handle and it just throttled it,” he said. “I thought I caught a snag but I set the hook and the line started swimming off and the drag was pulling off and I said, ‘oh my God get ready, this is going to be huge.’”

Evan’s bass is a bit heavier than the one caught by his father, but it’s shorter. His father’s bass, back in 1993, was 10.23 pounds but a whopping 25.75 inches long.

“Two generations, I thought it would be neat if we could get it in the paper,” Evan Layne said. “That’s kind of our bond, especially the past couple years, fishing.”

[SOURCE:-Tulsa World]