Oracle eBusiness Suite has ‘big, massive, ginormous’ pwn floor

Auscert Oracle has a ‘large, big, ginormous’ attack floor, in line with one prolific and proven researcher who reckoned he gave up searching due to the fact there are too many vulns.

the security tester (who requested anonymity because his presentation wasn’t accepted by his employer) for one of the largest tech firms observed 50 vulnerabilities in eBusiness Suite versions 11.five to the modern-day 12.2 over a week’s well worth of probing, as a part of inner chance evaluation.

the failings are easy to find however more difficult to take advantage of, and all were mentioned with the aid of the researcher to Oracle.

The agency has fixed some, however will not repair the ones in eleven.5 which become abandoned in January this year.

“it’s miles established via default with lots of stuff and has a huge, big, ginormous assault surface, and if it looks like i’m laboring the point, I do not assume that is hyperbole — it’s sincerely bigger than that,” the penetration tester told the AusCERT safety conference remaining week.

“I started an in-depth safety evaluation of eBusiness Suite eleven.five in November, sat down and took a few samples … after finding 50 flaws, I decided that changed into sufficient.”

The researcher located and pronounced the identical number of bugs within the brand new model 12 of the platform, most of which he says have now not been constant.

He confirmed a slide wherein Oracle reportedly states that ‘of all the square injection flaws we’ve got mentioned to us none were confirmed examples’.

“within the equal time it took me to kind that i discovered a sq. injection flaw — they’re that easy to discover in eBusiness Suite unfortunately.”

He says there could be some distance too many insects to restore with patches so the protecting consciousness have to fall to assault surface discount.

The horrid assault surface, well known among security types, is thanks to the 1500 bizarre JavaServer Pages .

these can and must be whittled all the way down to as few as feasible by using locating the ones not in use. in the researcher’s case he cut out some 1300 pages leaving a trim and more difficult-to-hack 2 hundred at the back of.

The hacker also ripped out about seven hundred square packages and 80 servlets, in addition lowering the assault floor. ®