Newest MSI All-In-One Has Flexible Design, Built-In Battery

MSI’s latest all-in-one PC, the Pro 16 Flex, packs desktop hardware in its 15.6-inch chassis, making it a portable, high-performance PC that would work for a variety of business tasks.

The MSI Pro 16 Flex can be used either standing, hanging, or flat, and you can flip its 10-point touch display 90 degrees. Combined with auto-rotating functionality, you can use the AIO in many different scenarios, and its two support brackets add to the stability.

An Intel 6W quad-core processor, fanless design, and LED backlit display make the Pro 16 Flex a silent, power-efficient workhorse. It comes with a 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive and 4GB DDR3L RAM, but you can up that to 8GB. There are two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports (one supports Super Charger technology) and a COM port so you can connect any commercial PoS machine such as a barcode scanner or receipt printer. The built-in battery can last for about an hour with normal usage.


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