Nanorods may want to harvest water in dry climates

sometimes it’s the accidental discoveries that make the largest effect. Researchers at Pacific Northwest national Laboratory have learned that carbon-wealthy nanorods created in a botched experiment might be best for harvesting water. when there may be especially low humidity (underneath 50 percent), the rods trap water internal their gaps; if it is any extra humid, but, they directly expel that water as vapor. it is a totally unusual trait it is probably caused by water condensing into a “bridge” within the nanorods, whose floor anxiety forces them to close and sooner or later kick the water out.

If scientists can refine the shape of those nanorods and get them to spray water on a consistent basis (handiest 10 to 20 percentage do this proper now), the consequences are massive. they had be ideal for harvesting and purifying water in dry climates — you may collect ambient moisture till there’s enough to drink. Alternately, you could use it for anti-sweat garb that soaks up your perspiration and spits it outside. All informed, you’ll have direct manage over just while and how you get water.