MAC’s Ramadan Makeup Tutorial Sparks Debate, Highlights The Holiday’s Diversity

Story image for Mac from HuffPost India

A MAC cosmetics makeup tutorial video for Ramadan has sparked some debate among Muslims online ― and, perhaps unintentionally, ended up highlighting how differently the holy month of fasting is celebrated around the world.

 MAC Cosmetics Middle East, a regional branch of the New York–based company, published a video on its social media last week that proposed a makeup look for suhoor, a predawn meal eaten during Ramadan before Muslims begin the day’s fast.
 After eating suhoor, Muslims observing Ramadan refrain from eating and drinking from until sunset, when the fast is broken with the iftar meal.

In the makeup tutorial, MAC makeup artist Mariam Khairallah demonstrated a custom look for the holiday. In a video titled “Get Ready for Suhoor,” she applies eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara on a model.

 “You’re only a few steps away from your glamorous gathering look with friends & family!” the company wrote on the Instagram video.

Ramadan is a very social month, and many partake in the festive spirit by gathering at parties to break the fast with friends and families. But some pointed out that while it’s common to dress up for the evening iftar meal, many usually eat suhoor in their pajamas, scarfing down food hurriedly in the dark. In New York, the meal is typically eaten before 4 a.m.

Some Muslims took to social media to share how their experience of suhoor is not nearly as glamorous as MAC makes it out to be.