These limited edition Pikachu cushions are adorable — and huge

A limited edition line of Pokémon pillows and other merchandise based on Pikachu is launching in Japan next week, according to The Pokémon Company. Among the offerings, which include fuzzy keychains and slippers, is a pair of “male and female” Pikachu cushions that are, appropriately, referred to as “oversized.”

That’s because at over two feet tall, the pillows are twice as large as an “actual” Pikachu. Those dimensions (72 centimeters by 42 centimeters, exactly) neglect to include the monsters’ ears, meaning they’re even taller than advertised.

Only 100 of the cushions will be produced, the website states. When they go on sale April 5, the pair will set back Pokémon devotees 8000 yen ($70). A slightly smaller version of the pillows, which were previously sold for Valentine’s Day, will also be up for purchase; 500 will be made.

Here’s a size comparison between the two sets to see what you’ll be missing out on if you pass up on the oversized cushions:

Pikachu is the latest Pokémon to come in extra-large. Bandai announced its gigantic Pokémon pillow last month — a nearly five-foot Snorlax. Unlike Pikachu, however, the Snorlax cushion comes in shorter than the nearly seven-foot monster advertised in the Pokédex.