How to Keep Distractions at Bay When Playing on Khelplay Rummy?

Rummy is a popular card game played in India. While it was famous for being played among a physical group of people, online gaming has changed this scenario, and today, you can play a rummy game on your smartphone or desktop, without any hassles. One of the websites, which offers you free rummy games, is Khelplay Rummy, which gives way to 24×7 playing options. Even though the platform for card games, have shifted from offline to online, distractions can cause you to forget the moves of opponents and the cards in the discard pile, leading to your defeat in the game.

It is said that to be a successful Indian rummy player, the distractions around you should be at lowest, and here we are to let you know how to keep distractions at bay when enjoying a classic rummy game.

  1. Cut Out AnyNoise Around

The noise around like loud music, chattering public, etc can take your focus away from the game. Remembering the cards in discard pile and trying to predict the cards of the rival takes a tremendous amount of concentration, which could be marred by noise. If you cannot cut out the noise, get away from the source of it. For instance if someone is watching television in the front room and that is bothering your game, then move to another room and play rummy online on your internet-enabled device.

  1. Save the Chatting for Later

If the game is nearing the end, and you are sure to win it, a simple interruption can cause you to lose the game. One of such interruptions is chatting with others and not paying attention to the moves of other players. Avoid talking and be attentive at all times when playing rummy. You can finish the ongoing rummy patti game before striking a conversation with someone.

  1. Restrict Excessive Snacking on Food

Munching snacks is what we often do when playing games. However, not everyone can do the two at the same time without hampering their game of rummy. If you are one of the latter, then avoid eating when playing. There are chances that your hands feel sticky and you take a lot of time to play your card, and thus irk the opponents. If you decide to eat when playing, switch to dry snacks that keep your fingers non-gooey and free to play the 13 card rummy game without disturbances.

  1. Do Not Play When Your Are Ill

If you are greatly unwell, it is better to avoid gaming. Generally, players prefer playing to pass their time in bed when they are ill. Though this looks to be a good idea to kill time, chances are that your ill health may come in your way to win the game. More than unlimited rummy play, your health is important. It is advisable to take enough rest and gives your eyes a break from screen of your phone; recover before taking on a rummy game.

  1. Introduce Your Friends to Rummy

Some of the people you know may not know how to play rummy or the excitement it brings. They may always discourage you from engaging in the pastime of playing cards. This may seem distracting and discouraging at the same time. To get around it, introduce them to the game and tell them to get rummy game free download on their mobile phone. Ask them to try a game or two. Maybe they will grow a liking for rummy and never distract you from playing it again.

It may not be easy to evade distractions to the fullest while playing rummy. However, you can do what is possible to reduce disruptions, as mentioned above.