Justin Trudeau again shows why he is the coolest PM ever

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is increasingly becoming popular with everyone in the world, now he is doing the rounds of social media through his old picture doing a difficult-to-perform yoga pose.

An old picture of Trudeau taken in year 2013 shows Trudeau pulling off the yoga pose on a desk exhibiting his yoga skills and core strength.

The picture was tweeted by Trudeau in April 2013 which shows him doing the Mayurasana on a table. Now, after three years when Trudeau has become the Canadiam Prime Minister, the picture has emerged and there are various versions of it that is being shared on the social media.

Even though the 44-year-old Turdeau makes it look easy, the asana is very difficult o perform even on a stable hard surface like the floor, you have to give it to him for pulling the pose with such poise and stability.


[source :-dnaindia]