Jerry Jones, Jonathan Kraft go at it over NFL’s social media policy

The NFL’s policy precluding teams from showing video images of their own highlights on their social media feeds has provoked some pushback from clubs on Twitter, andCowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed his displeasure with the mandate during this week’s owners meeting in Houston, sources said. Jones had a heated exchange withPatriots team president Jonathan Kraft, who co-chairs the NFL’s digital media committee.

Jones made an impassioned defense of the member clubs, claiming the highlights were team-generated content and clubs should be able to do what they want with them on social media. Some teams, like the Browns and Eagles, have made tongue-in-cheek posts aimed at the league’s highlight policy — the GIFs and videos are only displayed by the league’s official social media sites — and other owners have voiced displeasure over the measure as well.

Jones also expressed his belief that if the league can post the videos then the teams should do so as well. Kraft actually got up and left the meeting room at one point, sources said.

While there has been some overt displeasure with the rule, ownership sources said this by and large isn’t seen as a major issue, and many owners are comfortable with this process as the league sorts out its business model and operations regarding the expanding reach of social media and how to best monetize it. But during what was an otherwise mundane league meeting, the exchange between Jones and Kraft did certainly stand out.